Hey, I’m Justin Bergen a mobile consultant located in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. My specialty is helping health and fitness wearables companies build mobile experiences that retain more users.

My first tech memory is playing MoonPatrol on my grandmother’s Apple ][. I have been a fan and user of Apple/Mac products ever since! My Objective­-C development experience started back in 2009 when a friend and I decided to write a Mac app (Alesco Trade Journal) to solve a problem we had with our day trading hobbies. Ever since then I have been hooked on solving real­ world problems with apps.

When I’m not doing techie things, I can usually be found hanging out with my beautiful wife, playing with my 3 little boys, or enjoying everything the mountains have to offer … or better yet, all of the above. My favorite mountain sports right now are snowboarding, mountain biking, and backpacking/camping. Whatever I’m doing I always have at least one wearable measuring it.

My Current wearables

Five3 Apps

The name comes from the 53 official 14ers (mountain peaks over 14,000ft in elevation) in Colorado.