Your users are struggling to use your wearable

Your users are struggling to connect and sync your wearable with your iOS app. Many times it works great … until it doesn’t. You spend hours testing data sync “on the bench”, only to have it break as soon as you push the new app to the App Store. Every new version of iOS scares you because you don’t know what might break this time. You know you have a great product, but reviews struggle to get above 2.5 stars.

You’ve tried everything you can think of. Nobody you talk to seems to understand the mysteries of Bluetooth. So you’ve tried one thing after another hoping each time that you’ve found “the fix”. You’ve become frustrated with the time and money you’re spending with no end in sight.

Imagine your wearable “just works”

Imagine having the confidence that your wearable is going to sync reliably with your iOS app. Imagine not dealing with the uncertainties of every new iOS announcement. Your users begin using your wearable for longer because they’re less frustrated with the experience.

Get an assessment from a Bluetooth and mobile expert

Put the uncertainty and guessing behind you – Often all it takes is talking to the right person. Stop the trial and error, and learn exactly what to do next. Book a Bluetooth assessment with me – a 10yr veteran of the hardware and software industry, with over 4yrs experience building iOS apps.

I promise to give you no-nonsense advice that you can put into action immediately. This is not generic, cookie-cutter opinions. This is insight customized specifically to your business goals, unique product, and situation.

Here’s how it works:

First, we cover the current state of your wearable and iOS app. Then I will spend some time evaluating your app code and wearable behavior to identify problem areas. Finally, I will deliver a report describing what I found, and a plan for addressing issues.

What to expect

  • I will send you a questionnaire to capture some initial information so we can make the best use of our time.
  • An initial 60-90 minute video call will take place over Zoom with the project manager and 1 or 2 key engineers.
  • Guided by our call I will spend some time evaluating the app code.
  • A 60 minute follow-up video call to discuss any questions that came up during my evaluation.
  • Within a week of the initial call, I’ll provide you with your report outlining everything we discussed, what I found during my evalutation, as well as a specific plan to address any issues.

The cost is $3,000.

Wait! Don’t take my word for it…

Micah Mount “I can’t say thank you enough to Justin for the rebuild of our Bluetooth band connectivity. We receive very few syncing tickets in proportion to 6 months ago when we were drowning in them.”

- Micah Mount, Tech Support Team Lead for UNICEF KidPower
TIME 25 Best Inventions of 2016

Brands I’ve worked with

Star Wars UNICEF Walmart

Still have questions?

Can’t you just fix our app?

The purpose of the assessment is to do a thorough evaluation of the current state of your app. Rushing into fixes without fully understanding the bigger picture leads to partial fixes and continued frustration. As part of the report I will provide specific steps to address issues that I find. I also provide you with a propsal, and I would be more than happy to continue working with you on the fixes. However, you are also free to pass my recommendations on to your current developers.

What happens after our initial consultation call?

The purpose of the initial consultation call is for us to get a feel for whether or not I am the right person to help your business. I want to understand how your business is being effected and how I can move your business forward. After the call, if we both feel like I am the right person to help, then I will send you a short contract, NDA and invoice. Once payment is recieved we can schedule the video calls.

Will you sign our NDA?

Probably not. For something this small it’s not worth getting the lawyers involved. I have a straightforward NDA that fairly covers both parties.

Why me?

Hi! I’m Justin Bergen and I have over 10yrs of experience working at the intersection of hardware and software, with roles in both quality assurance and development. During that time I’ve worked on iOS for nearly 5yrs, including several Bluetooth and wearables projects.

While every project comes with a unique set of challenges, the fundamentals of Bluetooth and iOS apps are not new to me. Unique challenges I have experience with include in-body wearables, background sync, and wearables for kids.

My goal is to use my expertise to move your business forward by providing your users with the best experience possible.

Availability is limited

I’m only available for 1-2 evaluations per month. Scheduling is first come, first served. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will have the answers you need to give your users a great sync experience.